spring boot + jpa + postgrsql + external tomcat + jndi datasource

  • 이 에러는 @Trasactional(with isolation configure)이 걸린 메소드를 호출 시 발생한다.
  • 원인은 톰캣에 설정한 datasource의 defaultAutoCommit = false
  • defaultAutoCommit 값을 지우거나 true로 설정하면 해결된다.
  • 아마도 defaultAutoCommit 설정의 기본값이 true인듯.
  • 여기를 보자 머리좋은 사람이 Reason을 달아놓았다.

Denuwanthi De Silva ‘s comment

It seems like the issue is occurring from the pooling mechanism (jdbc-pool).
The ‘defaultAutoCommit’ is set to false for postgresql. Thus, the connection is in a transaction.
When the pooling mechanism makes the validation query, it is running inside that transaction.
Then, we try to do another operation, (set transaction isolation) by

But, it seems like the jdbc-pool is not committing (or rollback) the validation query. Thus, the exception happens

Caused by: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: Cannot change transaction isolation level in the middle of a transaction.

If jdbc-pool commit the validation query, & set the defaultAutoCommit=false again there, we will not have problem in doing another operation (setTransactionIsolation).

So as a workaround we set the ‘defaultAutoCommit=true’ in the datasource configuration, to make sure that the transaction is handled properly.

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