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RFC (Request For Comments) 란?

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연구자는 새 프로토콜이나 연구에 대한 지침을 RFC 문서로 제출하며.
표준이 된 RFC는 STD 번호가 부여되고 색인 번호뒤에 S자가 붙는다.

RFC Status


Not all RFCs are standards. Each RFC is assigned a designation with regard to status within the Internet standardization process. This status is one of the following: Informational, Experimental, Best Current Practice, Standards Track, or Historic.

Each RFC is static; if the document is changed, it is submitted again and assigned a new RFC number.

“Standards Track”

Main article: Internet Standard § Internet Standards

Standards-track documents are further divided into Proposed Standard, Draft Standard, and Internet Standard documents.

Only the IETF, represented by the Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG), can approve standards-track RFCs.

If an RFC becomes an Internet Standard (STD), it is assigned an STD number but retains its RFC number. The definitive list of Internet Standards is the Official Internet Protocol Standards. Previously STD 1 used to maintain a snapshot of the list.[14]

When an Internet Standard is updated, its STD number stays the same, now referring to a new RFC or set of RFCs. A given Internet Standard, STD n, may be RFCs x and y at a given time, but later the same standard may be updated to be RFC z instead. For example, in 2007 RFC 3700 was an Internet Standard — STD 1 — and in May 2008 it was replaced with RFC 5000, so RFC 3700 changed to Historic, RFC 5000 became an Internet Standard, and as of May 2008 STD 1 is RFC 5000.

(Best Current Practices work in a similar fashion; BCP n refers to a certain RFC or set of RFCs, but which RFC or RFCs may change over time).


An informational RFC can be nearly anything from April 1 jokes to widely recognized essential RFCs like Domain Name System Structure and Delegation (RFC 1591). Some informational RFCs formed the FYI sub-series.


An experimental RFC can be an IETF document or an individual submission to the ‘RFC Editor’. A draft is designated experimental if it is unclear the proposal will work as intended or unclear if the proposal will be widely adopted. An experimental RFC may be promoted to standards track if it becomes popular and works well.[15]

“Best Current Practice”

The Best Current Practice subseries collects administrative documents and other texts which are considered as official rules and not only informational, but which do not affect over the wire data. The border between standards track and BCP is often unclear. If a document only affects the Internet Standards Process, like BCP 9,[16] or IETF administration, it is clearly a BCP. If it only defines rules and regulations for Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) registries it is less clear; most of these documents are BCPs, but some are on the standards track.

The BCP series also covers technical recommendations for how to practice Internet standards; for instance the recommendation to use source filtering to make DoS attacks more difficult (RFC 2827: “Network Ingress Filtering: Defeating Denial of Service Attacks which employ IP Source Address Spoofing”) is BCP 38.


A historic RFC is one that the technology defined by the RFC is no longer recommended for use, which differs from “Obsoletes” header in a replacement RFC. For example, RFC 821 (SMTP) itself is obsoleted by various newer RFCs, but SMTP itself is still “current technology”, so it is not in “Historic” status.[17] On the other hand, since BGP version 4 has entirely superseded earlier BGP versions, the RFCs describing those earlier versions (e.g. RFC 1267) have been designated historic.


Status unknown is used for some very old RFCs, where it is unclear which status the document would get if it were published today. Some of these RFCs would not be published at all today; an early RFC was often just that: a simple request for comments, not intended to specify a protocol, administrative procedure, or anything else for which the RFC series is used today.

메일 관련 RFC 2047 에 대해 검색해보았다.

Status 는 Draft Standard 이다.

Draft Standard 상태는 IESG로 부터 승인을 기다리고 있는 상태이고.
표준으로 등로되어질 프로토콜이며, 사용자 피드백으로 부터 수정되어질수 있는 표준으로 생각할수 있겠다.

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